America will not give Pak security assistance until worries are resolved

Pentagon has said that Pakistan’s action against terrorists will not only help Afghanistan, but it will protect India and the entire region.

America on India and Pak 2018
America on India and Pak 2018

America on India and Pak 2018: Pentagon has said that the US will not restart the security assistance to Pakistan until the US concerns are resolved regarding the terrorists’ hermitages. Pakistan’s will not only protect India and the entire region but also help Afghanistan against the terrorist action, said Pentagon. It is remarkable in January, the US had banned Pakistan for $ 1.15 billion in security assistance. The United States unwillingly take decisive action against terrorists on their borders and accused Pakistan of possessing terrorists such as the Haqqani and Taliban network.

Apart from this, the Department of Defense also banned Pakistan’s total funding of 90 million dollars. Which would affect the Coalition Assistance Fund (CSF) for the financial year 2017? Defense Department spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews said, “The US government is sincerely trying to make public and privately clear things with Pakistan that they need to pay attention to our concerns (Pakistan). So that we can proceed to restore support. Andrews had recently returned from Afghanistan. He was also accompanied by Defense Minister Jim Matisse.

Statement Defense Department spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews

America on India and Pak 2018
America on India and Pak 2018

When asked to Andrews what specific demands of Pakistan. He said, “Safe havens inside Pakistan where Taliban fighters can cross the border, attack and can come back and stay safe. He is safe with Pakistani officials. We need to see it. He said,” We hope that they will take action because we feel that this will not only protect Afghanistan but by doing so, we are going to protect Pakistan, India and the entire region”. Andrews said that there is no plan to find the militants by crossing the international border of US troops.

United States influence in Indo-Pak relations

It is a universal fact that each nation sees its interests and interests while determining its foreign policy. The United States is also no exception. There are some goals of US foreign policy, which he constantly tries to achieve. That is why the US wants to maintain power-balance in Europe, Africa, and Asia. America is a strong supporter of democracy. World War I had fought for the protection of democracy. At the time of World War II, Roosevelt aimed at America’s destruction of Hitler’s dictatorship. This is the establishment of independence in every place in the world by four freedoms, speeches, religion deficiency and fear. After World War II, the United States had resolved to stop the growing spread of communism.

 Words of Chester Bowles

America on India and Pak 2018
America on India and Pak 2018

In the words of Chester Bowles – “After the war, US diplomacy is primarily aimed at generating communism. By expanding it into its expanding, Soviet and Chinese forms by creating conditions of power around the vast Russia and China border”. For this, the US decided to disrupt the path of the Soviet Union’s expandive work. After the Second World War, America found itself in a completely new position. This World War destroyed the power of Germany, Japan, and Italy and weakened Britain and France. So much that they remained the second-class powers. The United States found that after the war, it is not only the greatest power in the world but also the principal patron. Also the leader of communism and the western world of the Soviet Union.

The main goal of US foreign policy is to face communist threats and the Soviet Union and communist China. The effect of the area is to make arrangements to stop the growth of the area. For this, he took the interest of Europe not only by abandoning secession but also taking an active interest in matters of Far East, Middle East, South-East Asia and Africa. In Shama’s words, “After the First World War, America could easily follow the separatist policy, because after the defeat of the Axis Nations, Europe. And the new power in Asia the balance was established. But after the Second World War, it was not possible to follow the policy of the US for the defeat. Because, after the defeat of the Threatened Nations, the influence of communist nations on Europe and Asia was increasing.

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