Facebook data leak: Mark Zuckerberg has accepted the mistake of his company


New Delhi: In the Facebook data leak case, Mark Zuckerberg has accepted the mistake of his company. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that his company has made a mistake in handling data of 5 million users. At the same time, he promised that we will take strict measures. Also said to prevent the reach of developers to such information. In its public statement for the first time since the Facebook Data Leak controversy surfaced. Zuckerberg said through his Facebook post that Facebook will investigate thousands of apps for fraud by Cambridge Anilica Company. Clearing, Zuckerberg wrote that it is our responsibility to keep people’s data safe, and if we fail in it, then it is our fault. He also said that the company has made a mistake.

The company has taken so many steps in this matter so far. There is no need to take such a step forward, for this, there is a need to take immediate steps.In addition to Facebook Europe and America, the world’s largest social media network, this data appears to be on theft in India. Not only this, Europe and America have also started investigating these allegations. Zuckerberg confessed his mistake in the case of Cambridge Anilica. In fact, Facebook is facing criticism because a British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has alleged that it deposited data of five million Facebook users without permission, and used that data to help politicians, Which includes American president Donald Trump’s election campaign. Cambridge Antilica used the information of the user inappropriately to create profiles of American voters, and later in 2016, the company helped win the U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Facebook Data Leak

In his Facebook post, Zuckerberg explained the whole timeline. Zuckerberg wrote that in 2007 we updated many things on Facebook. It included many apps like Friends’ Birthday, Address Book, Maps. For this, we took some information from the Facebook user, which included information such as who their friends were. In 2013, Cambridge University researcher Alexander Kogan created a personal quiz app. About 3 million people installed it. Not only did these three lakh people share the data, but also many of their friends.

NotedJuckerberg wrote that in 2014 we completely changed the way in which apps and data sharing methods. After that, if any other app seeks data from a user, then he will have to ask the user first. But in 2015 a newspaper report revealed that Kogan shared this data with the Cambridge Analycut Company. That was against the rules. After that, we immediately banned Cogan’s application from Facebook. We asked to delete all the users’ data from Kogan and Cambridge Anilita and also asked to give their certificates.

Significantly, the Indian government has asked the social networking site Facebook to be prepared for strict action against the election process. India said that if any social networking site, including Facebook, attempts to influence the country’s election process improperly, it will not be tolerated. Ravi Shankar Prasad said that under the IT law, we will not be too far behind from taking stringent action against those who violate the rules.  He said, if needed, then Facebook Chief Officer Mark Zuckerberg can be summoned in this case.

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