Kapil Sharma’s new show airs on TV | Family Time with Kapil Sharma

New Delhi: Popular comedian Kapil Sharma’s show, Family time with Kapil Sharma airs on TV after a full seven-month break. Kapil Sharma’s new game show ‘Family Time With Kapil’ was telecasted yesterday night on Sony TV. Kapil Sharma looked very excited about his new show. He has requested his fans to watch the show through Instagram, on Saturday, and also asked for the duo. The guest of the game show was Ajay Devgan, who comes to promote his film ‘Red’ on the show.

 Kapil Sharma’s aggressive ‘Punch’. Let’s know what was special in the show …

1. Neha Pendse’s entry: TV and Marathi actresses were seen together with Kapil Sharma. They were very popular with ‘May I Come In Madame’

2. Lottery for the audience: This time the lottery for the audience coming to the show is going to be found. A man in the show got a gift and a tablet was won by a child.

3. Bumper prize: There was also a bumpers question for the families of the people and the participating people, for which the car will be bought and the two brothers living in Ludhiana were stunned. They answered three questions and they got a Detson Go car. The question was so difficult that no one could answer.

4. Thoongo Tali’s echo: Navjot Singh Sidhu has come back and his previous punch is still intact, which is tremendous.

5. Kiku Sharma’s return: This time Kiku has returned as a bumper, and his jokes are really awesome, although the whole thing is the same as the first.

6. More money in hard work: At the Kapil show, the whole masala is of the old type, but the way they are distributing gifts, they are definitely going to touch the hearts of the people.

7. Hold the ball Prize: Win a Segment Ball in the game of Kapil Sharma, whose hand will be the ball, the question will be asked, and the answerer will get a gift. Two people stabbed in But for the ball, a lot of chin-bounce.

Why was Kapil Sharma’s last show closed?

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Was Kapil responsible for this?
Kapil Sharma is counted among the most successful stars of television. This is an immense success of his comedy show, which changed the trend of promotion between TRPs and Bollywood stars. But in the last March, due to abandoning the show of Sunil Grover and Pooja Singh, Kapil’s image was shocked. And since then, the program did not reach its old strength.

Was disease a reason for breaking the show?
The Sony Entertainment Network has said in its statement to the media that because of the poor health of Kapil Sharma, we are shutting down the show for the moment.The Kapil Sharma has said goodbye to the show’s big stars such as Gutti and Bua Show. In such a way, the fans of Kapil Sharma can expect that Kapil will soon come back with a tickling comedy in his old style.

At last, the show was off-air

Before leaving the show, Sunil Grover, who played Gutthi, had said, “Gutthi had become a bigger character on TV. People would tell me what would you do after this? Everything is the time when I used that character Jia was now about to move forward. I am glad that people adopted me as a doctor’s famous Gulati. But between Sunil and Kapil, due to alleged fights in the airplane, the situation could not be controlled.


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