Problems of Facebook increased, impact on business, fall in stock

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FB popularity at stake: Social media company Facebook’s troubles are not taking the name of its users after the case of misuse of their information. After the controversy surfaced, the company’s shares fell 14 percent this week. Meanwhile, many major companies, including Mozilla, Commerzbank, Tesla, SpaceX, have also taken the edge of Facebook right now. Alan Musk, the CEO of companies like Tesla and SpaceX, has shut down the Facebook page of its companies. It was after a sharp debate on Twitter. During the debate on Twitter, he said that he will close his company’s Facebook page. After this, the pages of SpaceX and Tesla are not visible on Facebook. In fact, both companies have not commented on this.

Notice, given by Government of India to Cambridge Analyca

FB popularity at stake: The  Government of India (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology),  asked them to answer 6 questions. The Government issued the notice to Cambridge Anilika in the Facebook data theft case and gave the deadline of 31 March. The government has asked some questions from the Cambridge Analyst company. Such as how the company collected data from the users, how it had used etc. In the notice, the company has asked which units had taken their services. Also asked, how they keep the data and what the consent of the users.

The Government mentioned in a statement that a notice had put out to Cambridge Analyst by the Ministry of  Information Technology. It is a matter of serious violation, such as ownership and misuse of data. It was to create profiles of users and to influence their voting patterns. Whether the profile was based on these figures, asked the ministry? Earlier this week, Law and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad warned the social media sector’s senior Facebook if he tried to influence the elections through the theft of data, rigorous action will be taken against him. It is has been a defendant in a criminal proceeding of leaking data of 5 million by Cambridge Anilika.

Rahul Gandhi in Facebook controversy, tweeted on the government a tweet

He also jumped into the political turmoil in India over Facebook data leaks. 
He has targeted the Modi government by tweeting. Gandhi has said that this story of
Congress and data leaks have been misguided by the myth to turn aside the attention from the death of 39 Indians in Iraq. Congress President Rahul tweeted Thursday that the problem was that 39 Indians died in Iraq. He said that the government resolved it and fabricated the story of data theft in Congress. Rahul further said that the result was that the media network had trapped in the fodder. The story of 39 Indians is missing from the radar and the problem is over.
 Cambridge Antilica, responsible for Facebook data leak, said to be preparing to link it to elections in India too. Cambridge Antilica involved in the election of Trump and in the campaign of leaving the European Union. Now the Congress and the BJP have got wobbly over this issue. On Wednesday afternoon, telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad directly asked the Congress, what was his relationship with the company named Cebriel Antilica, who has been defamed by the facebook leak? Congress refuted this fact.



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