Indian Army Facts

Do you know these facts about Indian Army?

Indian Army Facts

To begin with the Indian Army Facts, here are some amazing facts about Indian Army

  1. Indian Army was established by the East India Company Company in 1776.

2. There are around 9 Army Bases and  53 Cantonment in the whole Indian Army.

3. The world’s most elevated battleground Siachen Glacier is at the stature of 5000 meters above ocean level, yet the Indian armed force is constantly positioned there.

Indian Army Facts
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4. India has the biggest armed force on the planet (Biggest Indian land armed force). This is the reason that the nations of the world view the Indian armed force as iron.

5. Indian Military Engineering Services is one of the biggest maker organizations in India.

6. Uplifting news identified with Indian armed force – There are just three nations on the planet with rangers, you will be glad to realize that India has an extensive mounted force. Assam Rifles is India’s most seasoned Paramilitary Force, which was built up in 1835.

7. Under United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, India takes a stab at the world’s most astounding peace and advance.

8. The world’s tallest midsection connect was worked by the Indian Army, which is arranged amongst Ladra and the Arid stream in Ladakh.

9. In the matter of battling in the backwoods, the Indian Army is the best-armed force on the planet. Nations like USA, UK, and Russia frequently visit here to think about India’s astonishing capacity.

10. In the 1990s, India had done atomic tests, the world’s biggest insight office CIA did not think about this test, and it was not known to the CIA Is thought to be the greatest disappointment up until now.

11. In the “Clash of Longewala” amongst India and Pakistan, just two Indian warriors were martyred. The well known Bollywood Film “Fringe” has been made in this fight as it were.

12. Activity alleviation keeps running by the Indian Army in 2013 was the greatest protect mission of the greatest individuals till now. In conclusion, on 17 June 2013, 20000 individuals were emptied from the surge. It was a colossal record in itself.

Here we are giving you data in regards to the number of positions related to Indian Army and the related enrollment process:

Commission officer in the Indian army

To begin with the ranks, here are the ranks of Indian Army

Rank- Field Martial

Personality: National symbol on the cross mallet and blossoming lotus in Saba

Field Marshal is the most elevated rank of the Indian Army. A special rank, given on war and uncommon events. Surprisingly, just two military officers had elevated to this situation in about seven many years of India’s history. One is Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw and the other is Field Marshal KM Cariappa.

Rank- General

IDENTIFICATION: A national mark on the five-edge star, that too on the cross-batten and saber on either side.

After the honorary rank of Field Marshal, it is the highest rank of any military officer. Only the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) can achieve this rank.

Indian Army Facts

Current Officer General Dalbir Singh, COAS


Retirement – Three years or 62 years of age on COAS, whichever is earlier.

Rank- Lieutenant General

Personality: National Symbols on Cross Baton and Saber

Lieutenant General chosen (in the wake of being in the authorized administration for a long time) and he can likewise hold the post of Vice Chief of Army Staff or Army Commander.

Retirement- At the age of 60.

Rank- Major General

Identity: Five Edge Star on Cross Baton and Saber

By advancement determination in Major General’s post (subsequent to getting the diminished support of 32 years).

Retirement- At the age of 58.

Rank- Brigadier

Identity: National symbol on a triangular structure of three five-sided stars

Brigadier advanced through the choice of choice (in the wake of getting 25 years in authorized administration).

Retirement- At the age of 56.

Rank- Colonel

Identity: National symbols on two five-sided stars

On the post of Colonel, through advancement determination (following 15 years of charged administration) happens. As per the planning, the commission gets an advancement even following 26 years of the authorized administration. In any case, officers who have achieved Colonel present from time to time have the arrangement of Lieutenant Colonel.

Retirement- At the age of 54.

Rank- Lieutenant Colonel

Identity: National Symbols on Five Edge Stars

After getting 13 years in commissioned service, promotion given until time limit basis.

Rank- Major

Identity: National Symbols

Accordingly, to the time limit, promotion of 6 years of commissioned service received and this post gets.

Rank- Captain

Identity: Three Five-Shore Stars

On completion of a two-year commissioned service, this promotion is available until a time-limited basis.

Rank- Lieutenant

Identity- Two five-edged stars

In addition, the rank given according to the commission of an officer in the Indian Army. Junior Commissioned Officer in Indian Army.

Rank – Sub Maj Major (Infantry or infantry) or Risaldar Major (Cavalry and Armored Regiments or Ashwarohi and Armored Regiments)

Identity: Golden National Symbol with Stripe

Generally, the promotion is based on a selection.

Retirement- 34 years of service or 54 years of age, whichever is earlier.

Rank- Sub (Infantry or Infantry) or Risaldar (Cavalry and Armored Regiments or Ashwarohi and Armored Regiments)

Identity: Two Golden Stars with Stripe

Generally, the promotion is based on a selection.

Retirement- 30 years of service or 52 years of age, whichever is earlier.

Rank- Nb Sub (infantry) or Nb Risaldar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiment)

Identity: A Golden Star with Stripe

Generally, the promotion is based on a selection.

Retirement- 28 years of service or 52 years old, whichever comes earlier.

Rank – Hav (infantry) or Daphdaar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiments)

Identity: Three Rank Chevron

Generally, the promotion is based on a selection.

Retirement- 26 years of service or 49 years old, whichever is earlier.

Rank – Hero (infantry) or Lance Daffodar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiment)

Identity: Two Rank Chevron

Generally, the promotion is based on a selection.

Retirement- 24 years of service or 49 years old, whichever is earlier.

Rank- Lance Naik (infantry) or in charge Lance Dafadar (Ashwarohi and Armored Regiment)

Identity: One Rank Chevron

Generally, the promotion is based on a selection.

Retirement- 22 years old service or 48 years old, whichever comes earlier.

Rank- Teller

Identity: Plain Shoulder Batch

Generally, the fighters are recognized by their corps, in which they serve. For instance, Signalman to the Signals of the Signals, the Rifle Man of the infantry and the officer of the Armored Corps named as Gunner.

Recruitment Process: General Services

Educational Qualification: (SSC or matriculation pass)There is a minimum qualification of 45 percent marks and at least 33 percent marks in every subject should be necessary.

Age – 17 1/2 to 21 years

Marital status – Single man

Physical efficiency – The criteria for physical efficiency varies according to the area, but in general, the efficiency said to be essential.

Minimum height is 167 cm

The hopeful’s weight ought not to be under 50 kilograms. Genuine’s sew ought to be no less than 77 centimeters, which is 5 cm profound on blossoming. Applicants ought not to have any sort of transmittable malady, contamination, and coronary illness. Moreover, there ought to be no issue related to the eyes and ears.

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