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Startup company effort

robot teacher
robot teacher

Robot to take interview for jobs: A new step in the growing round of artificial intelligence is a robot who will interview people for the job and assess their work. People associated with a startup company creating robots have said that they have prepared a robot who can also interview people for work and can assess their work and even suggest to remove them from work. His co-founders associated with this company were concerned only with the first HR department and then realized that their robot could do a better job. After this, he decided to prepare such a robot.

Veera will take the interview

Robot to take interview for jobs: The Russian startup company Strawberry has prepared this robot and named it Veera. According to a report, this robot has about 300 customers, including companies like Pepsi, Loreal. Which means that if you have placed a job application in these companies, then the robot Veera may call you and send a message to join the list of candidates and also get your interview.

The robot can do certain things

If the makers of Veera believe that these robots equipped with autistic intelligence can do many types of work. And in the future, it may also use to enable some expressions and feelings such as anger, happiness, and gum to understand. Veera can do some very easily.

1-  Scan resume from five job websites and choose the suitable candidate.

2- By calling candidates, they can explain the requirements and requirements of the job.

3- Candidates can interview by phone or video conferencing.

4- For the same type of work, one can talk about by selecting about 10 percent of the candidates together.
5- It can save time by removing resumes and letters simultaneously and save them immediately.

6- People can choose from a variety of jobs at one go.

Apart from this, Veera has been introduced to various styles of language and dialects through 13 billion examples with the help of TV, Wikipedia, and Job Sites. In this way, he can understand countless types of frogs.

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The one-foot robotic teacher can read 23 languages

Even if you say that Superman can do all this, but this is the reality. In a school in Finland, a robot is created as a teacher, who has a lot of talent, which is also surprised by the news and general school teachers along with children. In a temporary primary school in Finland, a robot had given a job as a teacher in a primary school. This robot can read  23 languages. On the other hand, like ordinary teachers, it does not disturb or annoy the child’s half-hearted questions. It responds to every question with great peace. The most interesting thing is that when children get bored with studies, this robot can also show them dance in Gangnam Style.

Popular Humaneade Robot Teacher

This robot, a total of one foot long Elias, which has taught so many languages, developed under SoftBank’s NAO Interactive Companion Robot Program. This robot’s entire software program designed by a company named Utellius. In addition, there is a motive behind doing training with this robot. It would try to figure out if the level of education in schools can be improved with the help of such robots. At present, this robot teacher is working here only on trial basis. But it seems that due to his ability Elias will not be late in becoming a future teacher.

Children’s favorite new teacher

robot teacher

The school has purchased this robot teacher named Elias. Then again, 3 more robots named ovote tried to educate science and mathematics. Moreover, the students of this school say that due to the arrival of this robot. Children are showing more interest in studying in class, which is very good. Elias’s method of motivating children to study is being very effective. The conclusion made that the children pleased with their new language teacher.

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