The top 5 Android apps to learn Java Programming

Here are the Top android apps to learn java programming These all apps had been used by me so telling you their best things.

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#1. Learn Java



Someone who likes to learn about java programming, Learn Java App is one of the most well put together apps you can find for your needs of programming. It’s easy to learn and you’ll find yourself spending hours on this app learning about Javascript and how things work. I recommend this to any computer geek.

The ratings are extremely high and it is easy to see why. This app is a great source for learning Java. It also helps you on your way to beginning coding in no time.

I like the fact that I can use this app offline so whenever I am on the commute I can use this. Not just that the community on the app is so amazing and reliable too.

Salient Features of Learn Java

  • No 1 in Android apps to learn Java programming
  • No 3 in Resources for learning java
  • No 4 in Ways to learn Java
  • No 5 in Java apps for beginners
  • No 6 in Apps for coding

#2. Java Programming


I love this app. However, this app makes it easy because everything I need is in a nice little package I can access anytime. If you want to learn java programming this app is a must have it shows you how to program and has many great reviews. This is so easy for me to learn from. I’m fairly telling you that this makes learning fun and achievable. I just love learning here.

Salient Features of Java Programming

  • No 2 in Android apps to learn Java programming
  • No 4 in Java apps for beginners
  • No 4 in Apps for coding
  • No 6 in Ways to learn Java
  • No 14 in Resources for learning java

#3. Udacity – Learn programming


Udacity is a unique way to learn to code, in this we do coding out of our thinking. It is also useful for those who are more advanced in programming too. In fact, the collaborative nature of the platform makes it so perfect that these two groups can greatly benefit from one another. This provides a grouping of tools for me to improve my skills.

It really put a lot of effort and care into developing the programs. You do have to pay to get the certifications, but the cost is definitely worth the return. Ultimately, this app to go for learning java and programming and also tech and coding.

Salient Features of Udacity – Learn programming

  • No 1 in Java apps for beginners
  • No 3 in Android apps to learn Java programming
  • No 7 in Apps for coding
  • No 11 in Resources to learn to code
  • No 12 in Resources for learning java

#4. Programming Hub. Learn to code


There are many programs and websites designed to help people learn to code, but this is something new. It’s an app that has resources and lets you code even on your phone. It’s cool to be able to take this with you anywhere as we can say that it is portable.

There are lots of good courses for the many languages which we learn online, but this app is definitely a welcome addition to my toolbox. Great tutorials, easy access, and they are posting new ones all the time.

Salient Features of Udacity – Learn to code

  • No 2 in Apps for coding
  • No 3 in Java apps for beginners
  • No 4 in Android apps to learn Java programming
  • No 11 in Resources to learn to code
  • No 12 in Resources for learning java

#5. DroidScript


I tried DroidScript because I wanted to learn how to make apps that could be for my phone. I can get an application running quickly, but I couldn’t find information about how to improve it further. I’d prefer a lot more aid in getting going with app programming.

Moreover, I love it because it makes things easy than others and now I can do things on my phone I never thought. Now, I feel like I’m in there like swimwear! It’s helping me to get creative versus just being scared or intimidated by all the unknown technology.

Salient Features of Udacity – DroidScript

  • No 1 in Software for Android phone
  • No 1 in Software for Android app development
  • No 4 in Apps for app developers
  • No 3 in Resources to learn to code
  • No 6 in Resources for learning java

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