The most effective method to stop the two blue ticks indicating when you read a message!

Disable blue ticks on WhatsApp: There are many ways to disable WhatsApp blue tick. Some of them say to download apk or something else to do so, but the most effective method to stop the two blue ticks indicating when you read a message is here.

WhatsApp blue tick: A definitive tip

We experience a daily reality such that numerous individuals think it is inconsiderate to call somebody as opposed to sending them a message. Instead of giving them space and time to react when they’re prepared you to bust into whatever they’re doing and request moment consideration. “Address ME, SPEAK TO ME” their ringtone shouts as you sit tight for them to reply.

The issue, in any case, is that you don’t need to call somebody to put weight on them to react quickly. Someone doesn’t need to call you to put weight on you to react instantly. On the off chance that you utilize WhatsApp, you’ll realize that the two blue ticks complete an incredible act of putting weight on to react now generally the sender will believe you’re overlooking them. Well not any longer since we’ve at long last made sense of an approach to peruse WhatsApp messages without telling the sender. We’ve made sense of an approach to peruse WhatsApp without the two blue ticks appearing on the sender’s telephone.

Instructions to peruse a WhatsApp message without demonstrating the two blue ticks


1. When you get a WhatsApp message put your telephone in Airplane mode.

This will disengage your telephone from the WhatsApp server.

2. Read the messages

On the off chance that you’ve gotten in excess of one message, you can read them all once you’ve put your telephone into Airplane mode.

3. Exit WhatsApp.

You should likewise stop the procedure by expelling it from your multi-application window that demonstrates the majority of the applications that are running on your telephone.

4. Deactivate Airplane mode.

When you match up again with WhatsApp, it won’t enroll that you’ve perused the message and the sender won’t know you’ve perused the message.

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Increase your WhatsApp security

In case you contribute a significant measure of vitality creating chats with your friends and family on WhatsApp, it would be a noteworthy issue if some individual hacked into your records or read your visits since they could possibly know each seemingly insignificant detail about you.To abstain from getting such an upsetting shock, here are eight straightforward traps to exponentially expand the security of your WhatsApp account.

1. Activate two-step verification

Activate two-step verification, Settings > Account > Two-step Verification > Activate.


2. Get yourself a good lock code

In case, your mobile phone gets stolen, anyone would access your messages. To avoid this, enable a good lock code.

3. Disable cloud backup

WhatsApp makes reinforcement duplicates of your discussions in Google Drive or in iCloud. Along these lines, in the event that you reinstall it, you can recuperate old messages.The issue is that this reinforcement isn’t scrambled. That implies there are chances that a programmer could access this duplicate and read the information.

Disable cloud backup, Settings > Chats > Backup

4. Watch out for scams

Every so often, you’ll get misdirecting messages that certification you, for example, access to new tones for WhatsApp or six free quite a while on Netflix. Each one of these messages had developed by cybercriminals who’re endeavoring to take your private data and access your record or to pitch the information to outcasts.

5. Use the official WhatsApp Web app

There are numerous informal apparatuses with a larger number of highlights than the authority WhatsApp Web application. The issue is that these outer adaptations can’t ensure an indistinguishable insurance and security from WhatsApp Web.

 6. Look at the WhatsApp security segment

Keep in mind that WhatsApp enables you to hinder your profile picture to any individual who isn’t your contact, impair the last time you associated and so forth.

To get to every one of these choices, go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

7. Examine security codes

At the point when a contact and you start another visit, a security code is made. For whatever length of time that you both have a similar code, your discussions will be secure. In case they are unprecedented, it suggests that an outcast had quickly got to your discussion.

8. Activate security notifications

There is an approach to keep over when a visit’s security code has changed (that is, to know when your discussion might be at risk).You can enact warnings that will caution you each time a code has changed.

To do this, go to Settings > Account > Security.

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